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Mapito.org is an open data and open source GIS system with an API that facilitates the development of Web services and Mobile Apps. Mapito.org is creating an abstraction layer above the generic services offered by the major web-based GIS systems, in order to facilitate the migration of the user applications to new services.


Mapito facilitates the creation and embedding of a map with custom controls. Mapito using multiple map services such as Google Maps and Bing Maps and allows the one-click switching between of these map services without affecting the previous settings. The system records the users activity on a map and stores it for later processing and analysis.

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Route tracking

Route tracking is an additional feature of this system which allows to track routes through a web browser of a smartphone, tablet or any device with GPS and HTML5 Geolocation support. GPS Track Smoothing is an another useful feature provided by Mapito and designed to remove outliers in trace data.

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Mapito provides two APIs. A JavaScript API that's designed for developers who use embedded Mapito Maps and provides methods to edit the maps. A HTTP API which is designed for web and mobile developers and provides all options of Mapito via HTTP requests and more options, such as for storing and retrieving gps routes.

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